Born from a group of Aviation Industry professionals with a collective vision for the future. ANDAIR is a progressive company offering a range of solutions, primarily as a Drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV) Operator. We provide Drone operations to a wide range of industries and customers, including Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Property Development and Security to name a few. 

With the team spread across Australia and now in Auckland, NZ we can provide solutions in various locations as required. 

More about our team and our qualifications can be found here. 

Who we've worked with and supported


From the begining no new Drone operator thinks this is going to be easy. Whilst the technology of drones is increasing by the day, society and business haven't necessarily caught up with all the possibilities let alone pursuing many of the current options. 

The old saying of 'Its not what you know, it's who you know' is almost the perfect adage of how ANDAIR got off the mark.

ANDAIR has been fortunate to meet some amazing people in a very short time frame but we have also leveraged on our professional peers, links and acquaintances.  Talking to people about drones and considering what a drone might be able to do for them, has led ANDAIR to working with the following amazing clients already:​

  • Prospect Farm

  • Walamy Farms

  • The Towers Farm

  • Lockerbie Farm

ANDAIR knows Drones can deliver amazing aerial imagery and mapping data. What ANDAIR is discovering are people with needs and wants who aren't yet sure what today's drone technology can deliver. We are here to provide the best solution for you!