Our Capabilities

If you are unsure what a drone can do for you, ANDAIR may provide a capability demonstration of any of our drones and/or the services we can provide or if you have an idea for a drone which you'd like us to consider*, please ask. We are currently building custom aircraft for clients with rural and industrial problems for which we know we can provide a solution.
*Any ideas you have will be considered, however ANDAIR will conduct all necessary risk assessments and job safety analysis prior to committing to a demonstration and/or building a custom aircraft. Such demonstrations will be conducted at a location deemed suitable by ANDAIR.
Below are a number of examples of our capabilities. Click on the photo for a larger size. Note, these are not full resolution pictures. Example full resolution pictures or videos can be sent through if required.


Orthomosaic Mapping & Digital Elevation Models (DEM)


With the ability to map from just one acre to hundreds of acres, we can create orthomosaic maps and digital elevation models to suit your needs. We can process this data ourselves or we often use and recommend Propeller Aero a leading Australian company. Propeller Aero process the data for us and hosts it on their website. Once the data is ready we simply invite you to view and interact with the data whilst its all hosted on an online server. Interactive tools include the ability to measure; spot elevations,  horizontal length, surface length, gradients and a whole lot more. Further, you can download the information for use in your own programs or invite others to view the project. 

A link to Propeller Aero can be found on our links page.


3D Models & Point Clouds


  • 3D Models and Point Clouds can be created through either our own processing or via Propeller Aero. 3D models can be particularly useful for assisting other members of your team or client to visualise your project site. 3D Models can be spun around, tilted over and zoomed in and out of all very easily. 

  • Point Clouds are created from the digital data processing and can be downloaded into other programs from Propeller Aero or we can supply the data direct to you. 


NDVI Mapping

With the ability to map from just one acre to hundreds of acres, we can create Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps. Whilst predominantly used in the Agricultural sector, they are also of great use in the management of golf courses, forestry and conservation land management. The Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a numerical indicator that uses the visible and near-infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, and is adopted to analyse remote sensing measurements and assess whether the target being observed contains live green vegetation or not. We use Drone Deploy to process out NDVI mapping data, a link to their website can be found on our links page. A great two part article on what NDVI mapping with a drone is all about can be found.


Major Infrastructure and Agriculture Asset Inspection

The use of drones to collect aerial images and video of infrastructure assets is of great benefit. The ability to quickly and with minimal to no risk gain access hard to reach locations or otherwise impossible angles, allows you unequaled imagery and videos. The ability to zoom in for increased detail further adds to the capability of the drone. Repeatablity is a key factor too, see how your assets are aging with the ability to view layers of imagery taken over different dates.


Aerial Photos and Filming

We can take high quality photos and video of just about anything...

  • Photos and video for industrial type applications include overall site perspectives, key location monitoring and change, future works planning, realestate and land sales and environmental considerations, just to name a few. 

  • Photos and video for personal uses include, unique farm and home presentations, land use planning, landscaping and future outlooks...

  • We can also do 360 degree spheres, which give customers a unique perspective from a desired height, giving you the ability to look all the way around, up and down. These spheres can be geographically linked to the points of the compass.


Drone Sales Demonstrations

ANDAIR has a supplier agreement in place for multi-rotor aircraft. We can provide demonstrations of most of our drones and a few more, so that you can first hand understand what you are considering for purchase. 

Flying demonstrations of drones for sale will generally be at a location decided by ANDAIR for its suitability.

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