Company Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

As professional aviators, the team at ANDAIR share a passion for ensuring Drone operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner. With world leading training in the assessment and management of risks you can rest assured that ANDAIR is mitigating risk and hazards in accordance with the best practices in the world.


ANDAIR is owned and operated by industry professionals, and safety is of the upmost importance on every single flight. Whether the job requires delicate piloting skills, careful integration into busy controlled airspace or custom aircraft design, the team at ANDAIR has the skills and knowledge to ensure that aviation industry leading safety standards are maintained.


Each flight operation is carefully assessed by one our pilots and checked by the Chief Remote Pilot prior to each and every flight. Once onsite the risk assessment is examined again to ensure the safest of flights.

All ANDAIR staff are trained in Australian standards of Workplace Health and Safety. We are often visitng mine sites, large industrial sites and agricultural farms where safety is paramount.

ANDAIR operates in accordance with state, federal and its own WHS rules and procedures and incorporates those into industry site rules and procedres as required.

We supply our staff with all their own safety gear, our vehicles are fitted for most sites and where they may not comply with a specific site we acquire a vehicle that will meet your rules.

ANDAIR has it's own in-house reporting system which all staff are encouraged to report issues to. ANDAIR reviews any issues with a Just Culture Safety reporting system.