Research & Development (R&D)


Andy started into Radio Control (RC) Gliders at the age of 15, building his first all balsawood RC Glider, a House of Balsa 2x6 in 1990! Gliders were his forte and he would often spend whole days at the Victorian Association of Radio Model Soaring (VARMS) field in outer Melbourne, Vic, dropped off by Mum or Dad with a packed lunch for the day. Andy went on to build several RC Gliders and experimental electric and gasoline powered aircraft in his early 20s before taking a rest from the hobby. How ironic it is, that 20 years later he is back involved in flying RC aircraft, although they are far more technologically advanced!

In fact the whole team has been involved in model building or flying over their youthful years and comprehend the importance of understanding the need to know how and why things work. This is a strong strategy the ANDAIR teams carries forward into its current operations...

"We won't fly it, unless we understand everything there is to know about operating it safely"

In striving for knowledge the ANDAIR team also strives for operating the best products in support of customer needs and wants. With this in mind ANDAIR operates a small team of RnD pilots alongside our own team Researching and Developing the next best product for us. Currently the R&D team are working on a Search and Rescue Drone capable of searching for a person for over 2 hours and precision air dropping a package to them.

Search and Rescue (SAR)

SAR Drones are nothing new, in fact there many professionals, amateurs and hobbyists working on this very avenue right now! From large scale drones that can carry surface imaging radar that can be airborne for more than 20hrs to tiny drones that can fly a thermal imaging camera at a scene and look for the heat signature of a human body.

ANDAIR is not setting out to create a one-off drone that will fill one of these niches in the SAR drone world, in fact the team at ANDAIR are wokring on a tiered system of automated drones that they hope will revolutionise the way Search and Rescues are performed. Drones can't rescue people, well not quite yet, but they can certainly conduct many of the functions of a foot patrolling human through to a technically advanced sensor based aircraft, be it a helicopter or aeroplane. 

Drones present a great option for SAR, as they may have longer endurance than a manned aircraft, may be used in situations where the risk is too great to a human searcher or aircrew and as drone technology advances, drones may be used in conjunction with other drones, cooperating together to expedite the search effort.

The Future

ANDAIR isn't just sitting on its hands when it comes to the future either! Drone technology is advancing at an astonishing rate, almost too fast for most operators to keep up with. In the planning and setup of ANDAIR careful considerations were made for this very fact. Constant research, development, learning, teaching, skills enhancements and budgeting are ensuring that ANDAIR stays in touch with the latest developments in the world market.

Our aim to to ensure the customers and clients we serve, be it through our drone operations, safety advice, airspace consultation, drone training or drone sales, are kept well informed with the latest information and technology, so that they too may ensure their own business and skills are at the forefront of their markets.

ANDAIR is always on the lookout for new technologies, sensors, aircraft and people. If you think you have an idea or a product we can use, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail us, we'd love to hear from you!