Drone & Accessories Sales

We offer a number of multi-rotor drones for sale, we can find a solution for you.


We also offer for sale:


  • a range of sensors, including a zoom lenses, NDVI sensors, IR and thermal cameras,

  • after market products which enable you to either further advance your drones capabilities or simply make your life as an operator that little bit easier

Our personal experiences operating with each of these types of drones enables us to provide you the first hand experience of what is achievable and what is the best solution to your needs.

In 2018

We plan to offer a fixed wing drone solution to Australia. An amazing fixed wing drone capable of mapping up to 1000 acres in single flight!  

We will hold numerous spares for the aircraft and can organise shipping of specialist parts if required.

In conjunction with the release of the aircraft, ANDAIR will also offer training on the aircraft and all the drones we sell.

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