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Our Vision

Become an Australian Drones industry leader, developing and delivering world-class Drone services, using a range of fixed wing and multi-rotor Drones to all types of customers in any part of Australia and abroad.


ANDAIR will support its primary objective by selling the best Drone aircraft industry has to offer and in support of these customers, conduct first class training of pilots and support staff.

Team Think

The ANDAIR team has formed from not only a shared interest in the future of Drones (Unamnned Aerial Vehicles - UAVs or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - RPAS), but from a deep mutual respect of each team member’s professional experiences and skills.


The blend of Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Aircrew, Safety Specialists, a Meteorologist and Aircraft Mechanical Engineers will ensure ANDAIR's capabilities and solutions are appropriate to each and every task we work on.

If we don't have the necessary 'know how' we have a broad group of professional peers we can draw on to provide us with the best answers to ensure that we achieve the solution you need.

Our Services

A range of solutions for you, including:

* Our sales and shop service is offline. If you would like to buy accessories or a drone, please email info@andair.com.au with your enquiry. Apologies for any inconvenience.