Quieter, More enjoyable flights 

New aerodynamic 9455S propellers and new FOC  ESC drivers offer improved noise control and  sinusoidal current for increased stability. Aircraft  noise has been reduced by up to 4dB* (60%) for  quieter, more enjoyable flights. 


1080p Live View 

With bi-directional perception and error-resilient technology,  the P4P V2.0 saves up to 30% of its bandwidth and solves  common problems such as video lag and even compression  artifacts within video transmission, providing crystal-clear live video at up to 1080p.


New OcuSync Video Transmission 

The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0’s remote controller uses OcuSync video transmission,* which employs  time-division multiplexing technology to send control signal and receive video signal simultaneously. When the controller is powered on, the OcuSync system scans for the frequency band with lowest  interference and switches accordingly to maintain clear transmission. Also, thanks to OcuSync, the  Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 wirelessly connects to DJI Goggles RE. Free from cable constraints, you can enjoy exciting FPV flight at speeds of up to 72kph (45mph) in S-mode. 


Multiple Device Connectivity 

OcuSync can connect to multiple devices at the same time. It can link two remote controllers* or a remote controller and set of DJI Goggles RE. OcuSync can sense aircraft altitude and the relative position of aircrafts while choosing the ideal antenna combination for Goggles, the remote controller, and aircraft for optimal signal transmission. 

* Linking of two remote controllers will be available in a future firmware update. 

DJI Phantom 4 V2.0