A full day course containing information and practical advice on how to operate your drone safely. Aimed at hobbyists, farmers and those that don't intend to fly their aircraft at the commerical level.


Similar to the Half Day course but with the additions of how to operate your drone with 3rd party software such as Drone Deploy and some more advanced flying techniques.


We cover very basic theory in Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Air Law, Airspace and Drone Components. We then go on to show you how to set up your drone and give you practical advice on how to operate it safely and utilise your drone for your personal objectives.


Light refreshments and lunch are inlcuded.

Handouts covering what is taught in the course are included.


Why not bring your partner or spouse along! Encourage them to learn all about your new tool and see what they can do with it. If you do, the second person will receive this couse for $200.00


If you buy a drone through us, this course will be discounted by $100.

*This course will not qualify you for a Remote Pilot Lisence (RePL).

Basic Drone Safety - Full Day Training