Drone Operations

ANDAIR conducts a number of different types of Drone Operations, including but not limited to:

  • Orthomosaic Mapping

  • Agricultural Mapping

  • Construction Site Mapping & Progress Imagery

  • Road Mapping

  • Major Infrastructure Inspection

  • Agricultural Asset inspection

  • Aerial Photography  and Filming

  • Feral Animal spotting and control

  • Land management

  • Infrastructure and site monitoring

See also our Capability Demonstrations page

Airspace & Aerodrome Advice

All the team at ANDAIR combine some 150+ years of experience as Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircrew, Instructors and a Meteorologist, having worked at some of Australia's major civil and military airports.


Their knowledge and first hand experience combine to enable ANDAIR to assist you in undertstanding and operating in Australia's airspace, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding Airspace rules and regulations

  • Airspace Design and Procedures

  • Interpreting charts and publications

  • Understanding Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs)

  • How to raise and submit a NOTAM

  • Weather advice 

  • Flight Planning

  • Operations in and around Restricted Airspace

  • Assistance with Flight Planning Software

Safety Education

The ANDAIR team combine years of experience as Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Mechanics, Instructors, a Meteorologist and Safety Professionals. We can provide you Safety Advice on a broad range of Aviation and Aviation related subjects.

Kate, Chris and Dave are well known around South East Queensland for their unwaivering delivery of safety briefs, safety material and attendance at Fly-ins and Airshows, presenting Airspace Safety and Education initiatives to pilots from all walks of the industry.

We can help you with tailored presentations from just a few employees to hundreds of school kids, including electronic presentations, group  talks and flying demonstrations.

Drone & Safety Training

Nearly all the ANDAIR team are qualified and experienced instructors. Our reputations in industry are qualified not only by our pieces of paper but by our broad range of theoretical and practical teachings.

Whilst ANDAIR isn't quite able to deliver Drone Training (something we hope to have in place in mid 2018), we can deliver quality safety training on advanced areas once you have your UAV Controllers Certificate or Remote Pilots License (RePL). Areas covered include;

  • Flying with Drone Deploy

  • Operations in close proxity to Aerodromes

  • Operations in Controlled Airspace

  • Working with software such as Propeller Aero

  • Interpreting your captured data

  • Aviation Risk Management (AVRM)

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Drone & Accessories Sales

We offer a number of multi-rotor drones and associated accessories for sale, we can find a solution for you.


We also offer for sale:


  • a range of sensors, including a zoom lense, NDVI sensors, IR and thermal cameras,

  • after market products which enable you to either further advance your drones capabilities or simply make your life as an operator that little bit easier

Our personal experiences operating with each of these types of drones enables us to provide you the first hand experience of what is achievable and what is the best solution to your needs.